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Committee Mission


Engage veterans of all eras and all branches, combat and non-combat, to join in a setting of mutual respect. Deliver to those who served and their families, from their fellow citizens, the honor and respect that they have earned and deserve. Bring about possibly the last opportunity to convene most of those who served in almost a century. Veterans who served during the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and those who are currently serving our country will be invited to join in this celebration and commemoration of military brotherhood. Deliver a clear message to all of the lifetime commitment that those who have served or are currently serving make to each other and to each others families, especially to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and their families.

The reunion proceeds will benefit the establishment of a National Military Honor and Service Museum in Washington D.C. as proposed by Equal Honor For All. This event is to be the first of various annual reunions to promote and support this mission and that of Equal Honor For All.


Reunion Facts


Date: TBA

Location: North East Ohio

Veteran Population: From U.S. Census and VA

Ohio: Over 1 Million

Within 300 mile radius of Cleveland: Over 3.2 Million

Within 600 mile radius of Cleveland: Over 6.5 Million

National: Over 24.0 million


Equal Honor For All - Mission


Promote the formation of a National Military Honor and Service Museum dedicated to remembering and honoring the sacrifice and service of our nation's defenders. The site and building is to be of such stature and design as to demonstrate to the world the unmistakable gratitude of its citizens to the nation's defenders and their families. The facility is to be located in or near our nation's capital, Washington D.C.

This entity will present, to the nation and the world, the story of the military events that our defenders participated in and shaped this nation and the world. It will house tributes to those who gave their lives and those who served in the missions to defend this country and the world throughout the history of this nation, starting with the Revolutionary War. It shall allow for future defenders to be remembered and honored, and their stories preserved for posterity.

The effort to build a Vietnam Veterans Memorial Visitor Center (VVMVC) underground, near the Lincoln and Vietnam Veterans Memorials, has moved the families of those honored at the "The Wall", veterans from all eras, and citizens to rally together in an effort to prevent a grave mistake. It has also motivated them to work towards a place of "Equal Honor for All" , one where we will remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice as well as those who served.

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